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This School Will Not Require You To Submit Projects or a Thesis

All you will need to do is go through one lesson per week in preparation for the chat sessions via WhatsApp, which is where the greatest benefit will come.

In the chat, you will receive practical things to do along with motivation and encouragement to keep pressing on. There are two chat sessions per week to allow for time zones in the USA and Africa and Europe.

You will be able to go back and review either or both of these if you are unable to attend live so you can still get the benefit. But you will always get the most from being in the chat live so that you can also pick up the enthusiasm and motivation of the other students.

Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry

Are You Happy?

Are you happy with what you have accomplished in life?

Do feel that you have reached your full potential and succeeded in everything you set out to do. Or do you often fall short of the best life you could have had?

Jesus promised us life in abundance, but sadly most believers fail to experience this abundance. It is not from a lack of desire, because we all desire great things in our life.

Would You Like More Wealth?

I am sure that if I were to ask you if you would like to have more wealth in life, you would not think twice before answering, “Yes, of course. Who doesn’t?”

So the next question I could ask you would be, “Why do you suppose you have failed to see this in your personal experience? Why does wealth seem to avoid you and go running when you approach?”

Or to put it another way, “What are the main reasons for your failure to succeed in your attempts to gain wealth?”

Would You Like More Health?

Are you satisfied with the condition of your body and are you able to do the things you desire to do with your body? Or does your body let you down because it is too heavy, too sickly, or too ugly?

Perhaps you have tried to change this in different ways, but you have had little success making a real difference in your physical health.

What About Your Relationships?

Do you have an ever-increasing circle of friends and contacts to give your life meaning and make you feel accepted and recognized?

Or are you an introvert who is afraid to interact with other people and you tend to live a lonely life without any close friends?

Do you earnestly desire to find a life partner to share your life with, or are you still all alone and crying out in desperation?

What success have you had finding people who are happy to be around you? And what success have you had in finding a life partner?

What Is Success

Success can be defined in many different ways, but the most common definition is as follows:

Success is typically defined as reaching a goal or accomplishing something you’ve set out to achieve

This might look like a simple process – you just decide what you want and head out in a direction to obtain it. But there is a lot more involved and unless you take into account everything that is needed, you might find succeeding is a bit more difficult than you anticipated.

That is because you failed to take some very important things into account and you probably failed to take some key actions that were needed. This is because


You might be pleased to know that the Lord wants you to succeed in whatever you put your hand to. He has promised it in His Word. And if you will apply some basic principles that are available to you as both a human being and then in addition as a believer, success is very much in your reach.

This school was established to help you succeed in whatever you desire in life and whatever you set out to accomplish.

So if you have failed miserably many times we would like to offer you some fresh hope, based squarely on the Word of God and enabled by His presence in your life via the Holy Spirit.

Why not enroll and join others who are pressing upwards into all that they were created to be?

Student Enrolment